Coaching Services

  From day one, our lessons were relaxed and fun. Brian tailored his one-on-one instruction with an ear for my strengths, and, before long, my voice-over exercises transitioned to recording, and, ultimately, auditioning for jobs. Unlike other voice-over classes that exist simply to make you a costly demo, Brian’s goal was to equip me with the invaluable knowledge and skills needed to pursue this craft professionally. Brian didn’t simply teach me voice acting; he taught me how to be successful at voice acting.  

-– Andrea P., voice-over actor & former Brian S. Atwood Voice-Overs student

  Studying under Brian has been an extremely positive experience. He is knowledgeable, caring, funny, and above all, extremely talented. I randomly went to one of his intro classes at a local community college, and was instantly hooked. I then began to train on a weekly basis with him shortly after that. Through a combination of in-person mentoring at his home studio and solo assignments he had me do on my own, Brian taught me the skills and tools I needed to get started as a new voice actor, and he made sure I had plenty of practice. He covered everything, from vocal training, to theory & technique, to setting up an online profile to use for auditions. I always felt like Brian truly cared about my growth and development, and he has been an invaluable resource since the beginning of my journey. He’s never too busy to answer a question, and I’ve benefited greatly from his vast experience as an industry insider. Most of all, he was always patient and thorough, and willing to work with me until a concept “clicked.” I feel we are all fortunate to have someone of Brian’s caliber willing to teach and train others… he is one of a kind.  

-– Seth R., voice-over actor & former Brian S. Atwood Voice-Overs student

Voice-over work has become popular in recent years for several reasons, so bringing the right skills to the table can make the difference between success and failure in the business.  Whether it’s TV/radio commercials, narration, announcer spots, or my area of specialty – character voices – finding your “sweet spot” is key to your future success.

A career in voice-overs doesn’t and can’t happen overnight though.  VO coaching is an absolute necessity if you wish to pursue a career in voice-overs.  Too many people think they can just jump into it because they “have a good radio voice”.  Someone can have great “pipes”, but be absolutely terrible at VO acting – especially without training.  Proper and complete coaching that teaches specific skill sets is critical before even thinking about creating demo material, buying studio equipment, and ultimately marketing your skills.

At Brian S. Atwood Voice-Overs, voice-over coaching sessions are one-on-one meetings, so I can tailor the coaching to each student’s skills and progress.  I teach individual skill sets during each session and often give practice material for the week to strengthen and reinforce each lesson.  The coaching lasts for several months, so students can grow organically as a voice-over talent by building upon the skill sets learned each week.  A professional VO booth is also gradually brought into the coaching as students move forward.  Private coaching days & times are determined by your schedule.

Coaching prices are very reasonable at Brian S. Atwood Voice-Overs.  I charge less than HALF the price of others and meet once a week with my students.  I don’t burden you with either an up-front or all-in-one payment.  You’ll also get a receipt each week for your tax records, because this is job training, after all.

Thanks for considering Brian S. Atwood Voice-Overs for your voice-over coaching.  Please feel free to contact me directly at if you have any further questions.

Good luck in your future career in voice-overs!